Core Purpose

Caring for our customers’ and employees’ safety, careers, families, and financial well-being.

Core Values

Watch you and your co-workers backs every day.

Report hazards and near misses in real time. Stop work that is unsafe whether you are directly involved in the work or not.

Be Smart.

Never stop learning. Remain humble. Practice active listening. Ask questions. Be open minded. Embrace your own vulnerability.

Team UP.

Think as a team. Bring people together. Create valued relationships. Seek collaboration.

Be Genuine.

Make others smile. Be upbeat and friendly. Be caring and unassuming.

Be Willing to Help.

Be a hard worker. Be self-motivated. Serve others before yourself. Give your all and inspire others.

Take Ownership.

Walk through the process until it is complete. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

Keep the Air Clear.

Handle tough situations in a professional manner. Identify solutions. Seek a timely resolution.