Joseph (Joe) and Ann Wink Jr.

Joe and Ann Wink, Jr. retired in 2005 from their professional careers. However, each of them are active members of the UP Professional Solutions Board of Directors.

In 1970, Joe started Wink Incorporated, a division of which later became UP Professional Solutions. As the business grew, Ann took a full time position in accounting and office administration with Wink in 1978.

Throughout their careers, Joe and Ann were involved in many community and professional organizations. Joe was Founder/President of the New Orleans East Economic Development Foundation and a founding member of the LCIA. His professional affiliations included the Industrial Development Board of the City of New Orleans, Advisory Council to the College of Engineering at the University of New Orleans, Executive Committee of the New Orleans Area Council Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana Engineering Society, Industrial Advisory Committee to the LA State Board of Registration for Professional Engineering and Land Surveyors, and the National Petroleum Refiners Association.

Ann served as a member of the Executive Committee to the Chamber: New Orleans and River Region and a member of the Advisory Board of New Orleans East Economic Development Foundation. She also served on the Executive Board of the Louisianan Nature and Science Center.

Joe graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1956. Ann graduated from University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Business in 1955 and the two married later that summer.  Joe and Ann have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

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