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We maintain a vast network of quality professionals for your staffing needs and are here to help you match candidates that are ideal for your unique staffing situation. We offer contract and direct placement staffing opportunities for small and major capital, turnaround and maintenance projects, as well as long-term nested positions.

Why UP?


UP Value Proposition

Your Challenges UP’s Solutions
Talented professionals for large and small maintenance, capital projects and long-term roles
  • Assistance on the job quickly
  • Full support of our employees to ensure they are focused on your needs, increasing productivity
  • As a client, use of UP’s proprietary software, Salus,  a catalog of roles and responsibilities for our professionals, adds an additional layer of protection for consistent, timely, and accurate performance on your project
Safety-Minded Professionals
  • Provide a safety support team with results of fewer injuries and minimal down time
  • Proprietary safety programs to educate and encourage safe behavior
Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Simple cost model
  • Experienced professionals leading to lower-cost and high-performance teams
Market Volatility
  • Effectively and efficiently ramp up or ramp down as your needs change
Low Supply and High Demand of Experienced Professionals
  • Give you the advantage in a competitive field by offering the highest quality support
 Co-Employment Risk Collaborative relationship with clients throughout the employee’s assignment:

  • Robust benefits plan
  • Proprietary safety program
  • Tenure recognition program
  • Certified Staffing Professionals to provide dedicated attention to each UP employee to ensure employer recognition