UP recruits and hires employees who work under your guidance and augment your professional and technical staff. As Certified Staffing Professionals, we have the resources and relationships to quickly recruit the most qualified professionals to fill your staffing needs.

Areas of Specialization

  • Engineering
  • Project Controls
  • Project Management, Construction & Field Coordination
  • Inspection
  • Design / Drafting
  • Health & Safety
  • Support Services


Our certified Recruiters have proficient networking skills and long-standing relationships in Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Chemical markets for your direct benefit. Using our private database of approximately 100,000 professionals and over 700 loyal, talented and motivated employees , we have access to the best industry talent and their network of professional colleagues. This access and insight allows us to proactively stay on top of market trends, competitive compensation packages and creative employment solutions.

Employee Management

UP assigns a dedicated Account Manager who is a certified safety professional to provide professional employee management to guarantee both employee and client satisfaction. Although our employees work under client direction, we handle all of the time-consuming human resources and accounting-related responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities are:

  • Substance abuse testing (drugs and alcohol)
  • Background checks
  • UP-specific Safety Program Orientation
  • Creating roles and responsibilities
  • Basic Industrial Safety Training
  • Site-specific Safety Training
  • Managing safety incentive programs
  • Hosting monthly safety meetings
  • Job Safety Analysis, compliance training, evaluation and follow-up
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) distribution and management
  • Work related injury post-accident/incident management
  • Payroll administration and expense reimbursement
  • Performance reviews
  • Compensation administration
  • Employee Counseling
  • Co-employment mitigation
  • EEOC claims management

Co-Employment Mitigation Model

At UP, we understand the significance of co-employment exposure. We believe our active on-site employee management model is key in mitigating those risks of exposure and protects you. Our Account Managers proactively manage all employee relations issues for our on-site employee groups including but not limited to: performance evaluations, compensation administration and disciplinary actions, defining clear lines of who is the employer.


That’s our key measure of success. At UP, we recognize that employee retention is critical to everyone’s success and satisfaction, and we have every vested interest in keeping our employees happy, loyal and productive. It’s this mindset that has allowed us to keep employees through the duration of the assignment. 97% completion is our experience rating for project assignments. 20% of our employees have worked at one client site for over 10 years, and as much as 30 years.

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