Our knowledge runs deep

With 40 years of experience, UP Professional Solutions’ keen understanding of the Petrochemical industry and our boots on the ground-safety-focused mentalities are what allow us to keep growing as a company. As a business established as a division of a private engineering firm, our origins are rooted in efficiently providing lower costs, high performance teams.

We simply provide a level of expertise not seen by industry competitors. We are aware of what you are looking for when it comes to filling positions, and we are always learning new ways to address your challenges and provide you with solutions. As a company who lives and breathes staff augmentation, we’ve streamlined our processes so that our efficiency cuts your costs and allows the project to run smoothly.



Salus is UP’s process improvement tool which provides our clients with a catalog of roles and responsibilities for our assigned professional employees. Our Salus catalog ensures quality at an effective price through an efficient process and allows for consistent, timely, and accurate performance without compromising quality or cost.