A germ and bacteria free work environment is one of the best protections from the spread of sickness and contagious diseases.  Tricrob-X is an antimicrobial disinfection service that goes deeper to create a clean, healthier work environment.  Tricrob-X will add value to any business that wants to enhance and protect their employees, their brand and their business.  Using this service will result in lower lost work time by reducing illness and lower anxiety providing a sense of safety and security for your employees, clients and visitors.

The EPA registered antimicrobial coating is a safe water based solution that not only disinfects upon application, but once dried, it creates a barrier that bonds to all surfaces and proactively works to prevent the growth of microbe populations by up to 99.99%. It will also continue to inhibit their return for months.





Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) swab testing is used pre treatment to identify ‘hotspots’ ensuring the highly infected surfaces are thoroughly treated. The same testing is performed post treatment to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Test results are received by our on-site technicians within 15 minutes.


Electric misters are used to treat all surfaces. One application disinfects and coats surfaces with the antimicrobial. Independent laboratory testing has proven the EPA registered antimicrobial coding to reduce growth of microbes on surfaces by up to 99.99% and will continue to inhibit growth for 30 days. The antimicrobial product is water based and non-leaching, therefore safe for most surfaces including electronics.​


Tricrob-X provides a certification that your facility has been treated and tests under acceptable levels. In addition, you will receive an Infection Risk Report which provides your pre and post treatment ATP test results. The certification allows you to advertise that you have gone above and beyond traditional cleaning and disinfecting to make your facility safer for your employees and visitors.​


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