Current Job Openings

Job Description

We have a great opportunity for a Commissioning Specialist. The right candidate in this role will be an expert in initiating projects and foreseeing the issues that might arise. This positions is the first in line to start equipment that will change the world to a better place. The Commissioning Specialist will take control of the a newly developed site and startup the equipment and run through all testing required to ensure that the station is able to fuel cars in a safe and satisfactory manner.
* Primary Functions:
o Coordinate with construction team on start date of commissioning.
o Order necessary materials for commissioning in a timely manner.
o Develop and maintain commissioning kits.
o Work with equipment manufacturers to resolve start-up issues
o Collaborate with IT Coordinator to set up IT panel
o Mange functional station testing with various third parties; DMS, ARB, Vehicle OEMS.
o Assist in the training of new Field Service Technicians.
o Create and continually develop the interactive map for new stations.
o Maintain the troubleshooting guide for new stations as we grow.
o Aid in the troubleshooting of new stations when they come online.
o Document work after every task using FE CMMS and perform inventory transfers
* Secondary Functions:
o Help Field Service Technicians with technical solutions.
o Purge and remedy gas lines.
o Clean any and all necessary tubing.
o Maintain a clean environment at each site.
o Confidentiality handle hazardous liquid chemicals.
o Calibrate instrumentation.
o Troubleshoot our company brand gaseous and liquid dispensers.
o General repair and maintenance
o Sample hydrogen gas for state regulations.
o Work with/on:
▪ Low and medium (24VDC, 110 VAC, 208 VAC) voltage equipment, including motors, relays, compressors and PLC"s.
▪ LH2 systems, including pumps.
▪ High pressure hydrogen gas lines (up to 15,000 psi).
▪ Hydrogen Compressors - replace oil, valves, heads ect.
▪ Troubleshoot electrical systems, including: 4-20mA system, pressure transducers, valves, electronic and air operated valves, control valves and PLC logic.
o Customer Interface:
▪ Answer support service calls from customers.
▪ Train customers on fueling 5k and 10k psi hydrogen vehicles dispensers.
▪ Independently troubleshoot and remedy onsite equipment with possible customer observance.
▪ Interact calmly and professionally with our customers as needs arise.
o Retain and complete all assigned tasks in the training binder.
o Document and maintain the tool and training records for optimal efficiency.
o Oversee contractors to ensure all work is performed per customer comment and code specifications. o Utilize the 
 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to document and perform inventory transfers
o Administer the inventory and part processing with the Warehouse and Commissioning Team.
o Assist team with various tasks to accomplish new or changing projects.
* Excellent interpersonal skills.
* High School diploma or equivalency is preferred.
* Proficiency in use of hand and hand powers tools, commonly used with installation and maintenance tasks.
* Capability to repair and problem solve mechanical and electrical equipment.
* Clean driving record - Technicians must pass the assigned Driver"s Course during the training period.
* Willingness to be digitally savvy to perform projects and other day to day duties.
* Candidate must be a champion for flexibility and change as key elements to supporting our customer needs successfully.
* Travel Time: Commissioning Specialists are provided work orders at the start of their daily shift and will spend 100% of their time out in the field.
* Commissioning Specialist will use a company-issued maintenance vehicle.
* Occasional availability during off hours for emergency customer operations support.
* Excellent Benefits, to include Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401(k) Plan