Eric Schloegel – Celebrating 20 Years

April 27, 2021 | Posted in Employee Announcements

We are excited to celebrate Eric and the impact he has had on the Oil and Gas industry throughout his time with UP Professional Solutions.

Eric has accomplished a lot in his career, and to celebrate his accomplishments over the past 20 years with us, Eric has shared his experiences throughout the years that have brought him to his current position with UP.


What has made you successful in your tenure with Shell?

I have always shown respect to the people who I work with and in return they shown me respect.  I am willing to do more than my job description.  I am willing to listen to everyone and ask their opinion.  I really like working for Shell I get to meet people from all over the world 

How do you define your success in your career as a contractor?

As a contractor I have worked many areas in oil and gas over the years.  I have always tried to make myself valuable with whatever company I work for.

What advice would you give other contract employees to sustain a long-term career like yours?

Always try to help people and never say “That is not my job.”  Go the extra mile in whatever you do. I have a saying which is, “Always do your best and people will notice.”


Thank you for your contributions and knowledge, Eric and congratulations again on such a significant work milestone.

Happy Work Anniversary!

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