• March 18, 2019

    Texas City Crawfish Boil!

    UP kicked off the crawfish season yesterday at Texas City! We love getting to spend time and hang out with our employees in the League City area. We hope everyone enjoyed the door prizes. Coming for Beaumont, TX next! Happy …

  • Maintaining a Positive Work Environment

    Maintaining a positive work environment can be tricky, especially when finding a balance and not ending up being under-productive or unprofessional. Read below for tips on how to get that balance just right! https://theundercoverrecruiter.com/positive-work-environment/?fbclid=IwAR2BgjMHlVEwPZ9l5okMXqsUteYCk_yARdEx6FgFEXiQHn7zRUbSMS8sPH0    

  • March 4, 2019

    Happy Lundi & Mardi Gras!

    UP would like to wish you all a HAPPY MARDI GRAS and Ash Wednesday! Laissez les bons temps rouler!  

  • March 1, 2019

    Happy Mardi Gras!

    Happy Mardi Gras weekend from UP! We hope that everyone has a great time with their friends and family.  Click the link to refresh your memory with Mardi Gras safety tips and recommendations.  Have a great weekend!       …

  • February 25, 2019

    Common Interview Questions

    Employers tend to stick to the basics when it comes to interviewing candidates. Improve your upcoming interviews by preparing answers to common questions. Here are seven of the most common interview questions and how to ace them.   https://www.forbes.com/sites/ashleystahl/2016/10/26/how-to-ace-the-top-7-most-common-interview-questions/?fbclid=IwAR1SXxO8-bDNnJBB6rPCu1eTSf0pU3wV9jL49MYlr45Vou696LPYOYhJV5U#339f6bd223e7

  • February 21, 2019

    The Effects of Excessive Sodium

    Too much sodium in your diet increases blood pressure. Sodium holds excess fluid in the body which creates an added burden on the heart. As American Heart Month comes to a close, the American Heart Association helps us learn what excess sodium in our diet …

  • February Safety Newsletter

    Check out The Safety Zone – February Edition. Topics covered are American Hearth Month and Caught-In, Caught-Between Incident Prevention The Safety Zone – February

  • February 18, 2019

    How to Sneak in Healthy Physical Activity During a Sedentary Work Day

    Too much sitting around can bring heart health risks, but when your job has you sitting all day, what do you do?  Well.. the American Heart Association has answers!  There are in fact many ways to introduce movement into your …

  • February 8, 2019

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary Stacy!

    We would like to acknowledge Stacy Paternostro for her 10 year employment of hard work and devotion to UP. We thank you for all you have done for us over the past DECADE. Happy Anniversary Stacy!

  • February 6, 2019

    Lawn Mower Safety

    With another spring season rapidly approaching, the grass is starting to grow greener and faster. This means many of us will find ourselves out in the yard on a more frequent basis. The number one chore of course, is to cut …