Tommy Garcia – Celebrating 27 Years

March 18, 2021 | Posted in Employee Announcements

We are excited to celebrate Tommy and the impact he has had on the Oil and Gas industry throughout his time with UP Professional Solutions.

Tommy has accomplished a lot in his career, and to celebrate his accomplishments over the past 27 years with us, we thought it would be best to let Tommy take us through his journey thus far.

What factors led to your successful tenure with Shell?

“In most of my tenure at Shell, I was considered a ‘Staff Contractor’ one not hired to support a project but to support the department. I was fortunate enough to have a client mentor who provided guidance and opportunities for growth both personally and for the department I was working in at the time. I was one of two contractors who were lucky enough to be members of the department’s leadership team. Most of my responsibilities were at the project coordinator level, where I learned the ‘life of a project,’ which included planning through a project’s final execution. Ultimately, I was able to interact with multiple engineering communities and client managers and build relationships with various individuals and groups where I shared my experiences, capabilities, and talents.”

How do you define your success in your career as a contractor?

  1. “I always produced quality work.
  2. Was accountable for my responsibilities.
  3. Never thought of myself as a contractor but as a contributor to the success of the client.”

What advice would you give other contract employees to sustain a long-term career like yours?

    1. “Be accountable for your actions and maintain your professionalism.
    2. Know who is who within the client’s staff.
    3. Provide your best quality at all times.
    4. Learn and share your learnings with others.
    5. Build relationships and show clients your talents so they know your capabilities.
    6. Look for opportunities to grow the client and yourself.
    7. Gain the confidence and trust of your client’s supervisor/management.
    8. Nowadays, companies use contract positions to evaluate and fill staff positions when available.”

Thank you for your insight Tommy and Congratulations again on such a significant work milestone. We thank you for all your contributions to both Shell and UP Professionals.

Happy Work Anniversary!

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