Safety is a top priority at UP Professional Solutions, and we understand the success of any facility is established on their commitment to health and safety standards. UP has assisted its clients for 40 years in providing health and safety specialists to promote, maintain and prevent workplace hazards, incidents and accidents. A safe workplace is the best workplace.

Positions Placed Include

Lab Technician
Facilitates the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of laboratory equipment by performing physical, analytical, and quality controls tests of samples including crude oil, process intermediates, and/or final products in order to verify production standards are met.

Environmental Engineer
Provides technical and regulatory support by using the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to identify deviations and develop solutions to mitigate environmental concerns. Environmental Engineer maintains facility’s compliance with state and federal regulations by assessing and monitoring waste disposal minimization and pollution control.

Safety Technician
Provides field support in maintaining continuous compliance of site and OSHA guidelines by performing a variety of safety tasks and measuring hazards to assist in the prevention of harm to workers, property, and the environment.

Safety Coordinator
Oversees workers’ safety on site by ensuring continuous compliance of OSHA guidelines and site safety policies & procedures through maintaining safety-related records, completing incident reports, measuring hazards, and communicating deviations or exceptions from expected performance, which aide in the prevention of harm to workers, property, and the environment.

Safety Manager
Develops and integrates safety policies & procedures to ensure that key systems, programs, and processes are effectively implemented and documented for all events. Safety Manager will also verify an active monitoring process is in place to drive timely completion of key activities for event preparation and verify deviations or exceptions from expected performance are communicated to leadership.

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